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Ferrante Ices and Street Food 

On the pavement, fragrant and hot, street food satisfies like it hits the spot.

You can't buy happiness but you can buy Ice Cream and that's kind of the same thing!

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Welcome to Ferrante Ices

It gives me great pleasure in presenting Ferrante Ices, specialists in Event concession Management and well-established second generation Ice Cream and catering providers with over 30 years of experience. As specialists in this field, we play a crucial role in ensuring that events of all sizes go off without a hitch. from managing food vendors to ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, our expertise and passion for bringing people together over food and drink are integral to creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for all who attend. 

During the 2023 season Ferrante Ices and Catering were honoured to have participated at the Kings Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle, Royal Ascot, The Rothesay international Tennis Open, Liv Golf, Camp Bestival North and South, 8 Racecourses, plus many more prestigious events and venues in our collection of niece antique Vehicles and units.


Our Ice Cream units are proud to serve luxurious Carte D'Or scoop ice cream and our fresh soft serve mixture tastes simply exquisite.

All can be delivered in a variety of vehicles ranging from our Walls Soft Ice Cream Vans, our Carte D'Or milkshake station, Our Magnum Horse box, and Trikes,

our Magum Piaggio and Carte D'Or Carts.  

We also offer our Antique Coffee and Churro's vintage vehicle as well as our beautiful Airstream catering unit.

We have an array of renowned caterers that work alongside us to deliver the ultimate catering experience at any event.

We are committed in providing an outstanding professional health conscious service. 

we are dedicated to practicing sustainable event catering to achieve net-zero emissions. our focus on reducing our carbon footprint is key to our business. 

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