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Our Products

All our vans serve the nations favourite Cadbury’s 99’ Flake in a Variety of Cones, Oysters and Tubs, complemented from a choice of Sauces and Sprinkles. 

We only use quality award winning scrumptious Ice Cream in our Vehicles. Ferrante Ices have handpicked an outstanding selection of British made quality products at its finest.

We and taste tested a selection of the greatest flavours and current trends in the industry. 

Our mouthwatering soft Ice Cream mixture is super fresh and delivered daily. we serve a variety of quality confectionary ice creams from Vegan to Toblerone, to pure orange juice and fresh lemonade ice lollies. 

Our Coffee and Churro's antique unit serves the Italian nations favourite coffee Lavazza.

our mouthwatering fresh hot Churro's come with hot salted caramel or chocolate dipping sauce.

Our Milkshakes are made using organic Milk or a Vegan alternative blended with Award winning New Forest Ice Cream, topped with delicious branded popular toppings and whipped cream.


All our vehicles are built by Whitby Morrison of Crewe to the highest specification, equipped with the latest technology in soft Ice Cream machinery, Our vehicles are able to cope with the crowds. No matter how high the demand our soft Ice Cream machine never stops delivering. 

The importance of Hygiene and Food safety is at the forefront of our business.

We are proud to have be consistently awarded Level 5 in food Hygiene rating 

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