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Our Fleet

Meeting impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards are our main priorities.

All our vehicles commence the day fully stocked and immaculate throughout.

A full detailed stock sheet is produced and verified at the commencement and end of each day and readily available for inspection if requested.

All our vehicles have Tills, CCTV, Merchant facilities and Safes on board.


During a working day all of our assistants make it a priority to regularly clean and sanitise, we also provide hand sanitiser for customers.

We always ensure that all litter will be disposed of.

All of our assistants are uniformed and presented appropriately, providing a professional service whilst being very conscientious in their work.

All our vehicles display clear price lists at all times, we can assure you that no price altering will occur with us, something we pride ourselves on. You can be safe in the knowledge that Ferrante Ices has the maximum public and product liability cover in place, paying particular attention to allergen Training. 

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